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A Graduate Student’s Journey with BU PRSSA

As a graduate student, you only have three semesters (excluding summer) to make the most of every opportunity that Boston University provides while also making it count toward your career. For a graduate student seeking relevant experience in such a limited time period, BU PRSSA is a savior and provides a realistic agency experience without being too overwhelming.

I started my journey with BU PRSSA as a team associate for Unleashed PR’s digital/creative team. I was given the opportunity to create graphics and draft content for social and digital media for a variety of clients. This experience was fulfilling and made me continue my journey with Unleashed PR throughout my graduate school life. Currently, I am the team director for the digital/creative team, and this upward trajectory has me more excited and dedicated to my team and responsibilities.

BU PRSSA provides the opportunity to develop and hone skills like media relations, research, graphic designing, community reach development, curating social media campaigns and many more! During my first internship interview in the U.S., my employer was highly interested in the tasks I undertook for BU PRSSA’s Unleashed PR chapter. My experiences at Unleashed PR helped me prove to them that I not only had relevant skills for the job, but had put them to practice on a day-to-day basis.

Digital/creative team also acted as a creative outlet. Our courses often make us churn out material every week, which leads to monotony and performance pressure. Unleashed PR allowed me to keep my creative juices flowing without these additional pressures. The agency is built in a way that makes it easy to reach out to fellow associates and directors for collaboration, advice and suggestions. It makes this entire experience more enjoyable and less stressful.

For my fellow international students, this is a good first step before diving straight into the agency world. You get a chance to observe and understand how PR agencies in the U.S. function and what the expectations and requirements are. BU PRSSA offers a room for exploration and growth of one’s skill sets. It prepares you to take on the professional world!

What’s more? Well, the weekly meetings are a great opportunity to gain knowledge about the PR industry, the guest speakers provide valuable insights and there are always fun social events that provide members with an opportunity to network, socialize and connect with like-minded individuals. To get a wholesome graduate experience, it is essential to add value to your academic and career path as well as feel motivated toward doing what you love — and BU PRSSA is just the place for it!

By Prachi Kabir

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