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Welcome to PR Advanced!

PR Advanced is a sub-section of BUPRSSA that plans our conference every year. It is lead by the Conference Coordinator with assistance from the conference committee.


At our conferences, we always try to employ the help of professionals from various backgrounds to better service attendees' learning objectives and interests.


We've been recognized by PRSSA as a Regional Conference for 14 years. We can't wait to continue providing invaluable experiences for PRSSA members, alumni, and professionals alike. We hope to inspire, inform, and entertain at these conferences.


Our conference is the perfect place to network with PR professionals, PRSSA alumni, faculty, and your peers from all across the country!


Learn how to lead from a group of PR professionals that have grown and developed with their work and excited to share the experience with you.


Most importantly, have fun and make friends! This is a great opportunity to meet new faces and reconnect with old ones. You don't always have to be serious!

Stay tuned on more information on our 2021 Conference!

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