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Unleashed PR Feature: Arielle Warren

Arielle Warren (COM’21) is an undergraduate student majoring in public relations. Warren just joined the social media team this semester (Spring ’18).

What made you join Unleashed PR?

I signed up [for Unleashed] because I wanted to gain more experience. It’s a way to work more in the PR field not necessarily as a job but to just see different facets of it. I thought it was interesting because I haven’t really worked with social media. Obviously, I have my own social media but I haven’t worked with social media on a more professional setting so I wanted to see what that was about.

What made you join the social media team, out of all the other ones?

I got a little bit of a taste of social media when I worked at my former college, by running a youtube channel for them. I thought it was a good foot in the door, so now I just wanted to see now how to run more social media platforms like YouTube, Twitter, and Facebook.

I was able to use some of the tools I had in my previous internship at my previous school because basically, you have to find the voice of whatever company you’re representing. When I was working for the school, I obviously had to be more professional. But with Kids in Tech, which is who I am specifically doing social media for, it’s more playful and fun. So definitely finding the voice of your clients and portraying is positive.

What kind of work have you been doing for your client?

We have been doing Motivation Monday posts, as well as other things. We’ve been just trying to get the word out about specifically the programs that Kids in Tech does but also generally just education and after school programming.

What kind of work do you want to do more in the future?

I’m very undecided, but I definitely don’t want to do as much social media after this [team]. I think that it’s a very important field but I think I do know a lot about it. I want to expand more beyond social media to other aspects of PR.

Edited by Alicia Lee

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