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Unleashed PR Feature: Prachi Kabir

Unleashed PR is a public relations agency run by the students of Boston University’s PRSSA. The agency provides service for a variety of clients including student groups, businesses, and non-profits. Its goals are to provide clients with quality work at no cost and to offer a space for students to apply their knowledge.

Prachi Kabir (COM’19) is a graduate student from Mumbai, India majoring in Communication Studies. Prachi is the creative/digital team director and has contributed to the team as an associate for the past two semesters (Fall ’17 & Spring ’18).

Why did you join Unleashed PR?

It was a group decision because a lot of my friends were going to the first meeting so I just tagged along. [Joining Unleashed PR] was my own decision because it seemed fun and something I could do creatively outside of my courses or anything for credit.

Who was your favorite client to work with and why?

I enjoyed doing graphics for Kids in Tech. They had a vision and a template that made it easy for me to create something for them. They were clear to as to what they wanted, but there was also space for creative freedom. That experience helped me design better. I was using the same tools but I was making each design better than the other.

What was a challenging task a client asked you to do?

You would think that when it comes to graphics, it’s just something creative. Kids in Tech is STEM-based, but none of the courses I’ve taken were STEM-based. I would consider doing the research and having to write facts to put in the graphics as challenging – but there was nothing that made me want to pull out my hair.

What’s your favorite part about working in a student-run agency?

It’s not as overwhelming. You get the same sort of experience as [you would in] an agency but it’s not as overwhelming. It’s a good first step that you can take to get into the actual agency world.

Edited by Alicia Lee

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