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What do I Wear to BUPRSSA’s Regional Conference?

Does anyone really know what “business casual” is? Because it definitely confuses me. How do I be formal and casual at the same time, especially in this extremely cold weather in Boston? If you’re just like me, trying to figure out the right outfit for the big conference tomorrow, here are a few tips to make you look good and professional at the same time.

For me, black and white are always the right colors. A suit-like jacket, a pair of suit pants, a black sweater underneath and heels are good enough. And maybe wear black socks too since you don’t really want potential employers to see your pink cartoon ones. Remember, details are everything. 

What if you’re not a suit person? What if you’re looking for something more stylish? Well, how about this:

A classy jumpsuit shows enough professionalism without sacrificing style. Of course, for both outfits, you need a tote, with just the right size to fit copies your resume (for the career fair and resume critique), and laptop (in case you want to take notes of the speakers).

You definitely have every right to wear what’s comfortable for you, but wearing ripped jeans or leggings isn’t an option. I’m not going to lie. You look really cool in those clothes, but they’re more for the gym or a party than a conference.

If I wore these to the conference tomorrow, do you think anybody would be very impressed or pleased with me? Not likely.

I hope that you are a bit more prepared for tomorrow but don’t worry, the conference is a place for you to learn and grow as a professional and we’re all here to help you along the way.

Side note: If you decide to wear heels, consider bringing a pair of flat shoes, just in case they become too painful throughout the day!

By Yuele Li

Edited by Jordan Beaumont

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