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A Classical Take on Modern Media

Kelci Lowery touring Epidavros, an Ancient Greek theatre.

Welcome back to Voices of PRSSA, this week we feature Kelci Lowery, our PRSSA Financial Coordinator, a PR major, and a Classical Civilizations minor.

Kelci speaks to her unique perspective as a fifth-year college student, bridging her passion for history with public relations and modern media.

Tell us a little about yourself

“I was in Saint Rosa Junior College, a top 5 junior college in the US in California.

I actually transferred to BU thinking I was going to do journalism. I found it very admirable that journalists would sacrifice themselves in pursuit of the truth, but after taking some journalism classes, I realized that is not for me. As much as I love the media, consuming and living it, I couldn’t work in journalism – interviewing people and taking notes while they were talking wasn’t for me.”

Interesting choice in minor – why Classical Civilizations?

“So this is really silly – my boyfriend was telling me a war story about Ancient Rome, about the siege they made where the rebels were in Gaulle. They were seiging a city and the Romans had a wall around it, so they were like ‘what if we built a wall around a wall’, and built ANOTHER wall around the wall – to ensure people within the city couldn’t get out for food or supply.

I found that fascinating. The more I learned about classical civilizations, the more I realized the sophistication and intricacy of ancient societies. We see ancient Rome and ancient Greece as part of history but if you look closely, they are just like us.”

What about PR?

“In COM 101 we learned about PR and I thought: ‘this is way better‘. I love writing, but I also love persuasion and working with all kinds of people across multiple departments. PR just seemed like the right fit for me.“

And PRSSA? What made you join?

“I actually overheard someone talking about it in my class, and how everything was very hands-on. They mentioned opportunities for real professional experiences, which drew me in. So I went up to them and asked, then I joined!

I really like the professionals who come in, but I realized my favorite part was the people. I loved working with other classmates who are also going into the industry – it’s very empowering.”

Kelci currently serves as the Financial Coordinator in PRSSA. She manages PRSSA budgets, looks over withdrawal requests, organizes fundraisers and other initiatives to ensure long-term financial stability for the club.

What would you say is your highlight in BU?

“I honestly would say the people. Do you know how the professors always say to the students the people here really are on another level? Coming from another school, I can definitely say they are. Students here really do understand the industry.

It’s so impressive that people here have a natural knack for PR and really embrace their strengths. For example, if someone is really good at media relations but not as good with social media, they’d reach out to a social media expert and say ‘Hey, let’s partner up and make that [project] work’.

Do you know the collaboration amongst PR club, PRSSA, and PRLab activity coming up? That just evidence of great collaboration.”

What are some tips you would give fellow students?


Many will tell you to do it but not many people will truly do it. Reach out to professionals and ask for a quick chat.

I actually got my current job after meeting with a professional, whom I met after one of the PRSSA weekly meetings, and asking a few questions over coffee.

On a lighter note, what do you like to do outside of PRSSA?

“I am a huge foodie. I love food and I also love reading. I read a lot of fiction. Right now I am reading a non-fiction book, The Tipping Point by Malcolm Gladwell. I highly recommend it, especially the way it describes how people relate to each other in terms of exchanging experiences.

My favorite fiction book would be Cloud Atlas by David Mitchell, which got made into a movie a few years ago.

Thank you, Kelci, for your past and continuous contribution to PRSSA and insightful advice!

Edited by Grace Elizabeth Liu

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