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Preparing for the Future While Managing the Present

By: Tessa Sullivan

I'm a sophomore in the General Studies program at Boston University. While I am currently in my last semester of CGS, I have been pecking at my Public Relations degree since last year. For CGS students who have made up their minds on their degrees, they still have to remain in the program and take fewer classes that count towards their respective majors. For someone, like myself, who is eager to work towards their future career this can be extremely difficult.

Something I find is often considered taboo in our ‘hustle’ culture is the ability to acknowledge stress and overwhelm. I am in class five days a week with at least three hours of homework I could be working on each night. The expenses of Boston are through the roof which keeps me in a position where I need to be working. On top of the 12 hours I spend in class each week, I spend an average of 16 hours a week between my two part-time jobs. 

My freshman year I joined Adlab and realized I did not have enough time to designate to that level of commitment. This was frustrating as I was just starting at BU and wanted to explore extracurricular options. 

During the fall semester of this year, I was really falling behind with my schoolwork, and honestly felt little to no motivation to think about what was going on next week — forget about planning for my future. I would have laughed– and probably started complaining about my stress… I realized I needed to reframe my perspective.

I remembered who I was when I was applying to BU– I would have done anything to get in. This made me realize no matter how stressful life seems, I am lucky to have so many opportunities to utilize. I joined PRSSA in the Fall semester of this year but quickly had to stop attending the meetings as my work took priority. This semester, it worked out that I could rejoin. I've even joined the social media and blog team (as you can see!). The great thing about PRSSA is the way it provides its members with a bounty of connections and opportunities to learn more about the PR field. 

In the short time I have been a member, my nerves about the future have eased. PRSSA allows you to be as little or as involved as you wish. This has helped me as I can evaluate what I can manage on a semester basis. As a result, my stress about the future has turned into excitement and curiosity. I can wholeheartedly speak to how PRSSA allows me to prepare for the future while managing the present. Planning for the future can be stressful, but it can also be an opportunity for self-growth. You get to have control over the way you regard your career path. That is an empowering thing. 

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